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By Jackie, Mar 8 2015 12:47AM

Iain and I, who make up guitar and cello duo Ten Strings have been making some new noises!

Our website has been jazzed up and can be viewed here - please pop over and have a look!

The other exciting Ten Strings news is that we've been doing some arranging and recording and making a lot of new videos. We've also been experimenting with video editing in the hopes of making some better videos. The results of all of this can be seen over at YouTube on our channel HERE.

By Jackie, Nov 13 2014 10:48AM

Some really exciting new - our new album, debut album in fact, 'The Shouting Cave' is now available for purchase. It has been a very long journey but we've finally done it.

There's a lovely review in the Sunday Herald by Alan Morrison and lots of online content worth checking out, including videos for the songs Falling Lives, Wild Roots and Havoc, and a wee featurette where we talk about what we're trying to achieve.

The Shouting Cave can be ordered from our website, or downloaded from Itunes.

The Shouting Cave - order here

Download from Itunes here

Recorded at Chem19 by the amazing Jamie Savage, it's definitely worth a listen. But don't take my word for it - check it out for yourself!

By Jackie, Nov 13 2014 12:05AM

I am very fortunate to have a new cello made by the fabulous Marion Bennardo. My cello, now named Beinn was a joint venture by Marion and Douglas and sounds wonderful.

Here's a picture of the old (right) and the new (left)

By Jackie, Nov 12 2014 11:41PM

Mahler Symphony no.6. One of my favourite pieces of music, and I got to play princpal, under the brilliant David Danzmayr. Amazing. Review here

The Cunning Little Vixen. Didn't know it beforehand, but a great piece and an amazing experience playing with Scottish Opera. Review here

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